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Tony Beck Communication Training


Tony Beck Communication Training is dedicated to creating powerful partnerships that accelerate personal growth and organizational success.

Our mission is to provide expert communication training to professionals working within the healthcare industry.

Our network of trainers is available to provide communication workshops, consulting, and support to all healthcare professionals in any setting.

Tony Beck Communication Training has resulted in measurable success for a wide variety of health and human service organizations, elite research institutes, and governmental agencies.
The strength of our workshops lay not only in our education and experience with communication training, but also in our creativity, acumen, and industry-specific knowledge.

At Tony Beck Communication Training, we are passionate about delivering the gold standard in communication excellence for our partners’ success.





TBCT trainers are committed to developing a safe and relaxed learning environment, where participants can practice and learn without fear. Our trainers lead the discussion on proven and effective communication techniques, and provide feedback and encouragement so that each participant is confident in applying newly acquired skills in the workplace. As trainers, we respect individuality and variety, and work to adapt the training environment to meet each person’s needs. The trainer’s goal is for each participant to discover new communication techniques, and be secure in their ability to use them.

Each TBCT trainer holds an advanced degree in psychology, neuroscience, or sociology.


TBCT communication workshops transform the way we view challenges and communicate with each other. This powerful method of training is made possible by TBCT actors. Our actors combine their skills in pedagogical improvisation with their flexible and creative talents to create life-like challenges within learning simulations. With TBCT actors, participants are able to practice new communication skills in a safe and supportive environment.


Are you interested in becoming part of a world-class team in communication training? Opportunities for trainers and actors are available across the nation. Learn more about TBCT here.


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We are committed to providing our clients with the latest news in communication and communication training. Our monthly newsletter highlights advancements in the field of interpersonal communication, as well as additions to the services provided by TBCT.