Learning By Doing

Learning By Doing

Research has shown that the best way to acquire new skills is through a hands-on approach, that is, learning by doing.

Tony Beck Communication Training utilizes a 100% active learning approach through the Praxis Cycle.

The Praxis Cycle allows participants to learn and practice new communication skills in a safe environment. Through practice, participants are able to easily transfer skills to the workplace for immediate results.



Tony Beck Communication Training provides a hands-on experience that enables participants to transform their behaviors through educational interactions, resulting in positive growth with a lasting impact.


Because we offer only practical communication exercises, there are a few things that you can expect not to find in our workshops:


  • Boring slideshows or lengthy discussions on theory
  • Affectional bonding
  • Unrealistic, irrelevant, or “virtual” training scenarios
  • False assumptions that all participants come from the same cultural background, are the same age and gender, and have the same experiences
  • False assumptions that developing and strengthening communication skills is an easy process


At Tony Beck Communication Training, our goal is to teach useful skills that are relevant to your environment and are readily transferable to your workplace.



Tony Beck Communication Training offers a unique approach to soft skills training: The Praxis Cycle.  The Praxis Cycle enhances learning of new communication skills and improves the transfer of skills from the workshop to the workplace.


The Praxis Cycle is based on the scientific principles of learning and memory. Scientific studies of learning and memory have identified the best practices for teaching behavioral skills. TBCT has refined these procedures and incorporated them into the Praxis Cycle to achieve the best possible results in communication training.


Objective self-evaluation leads to a deeper understanding of behavior and its impact on others. With TBCT, participants are given the opportunity to become familiar with their communication strengths and weaknesses, and identify communication strategies that will help them to effect positive change.


A guide to best communication strategies: The Communication Skills Tool Kit. To support participants’ learning of new communication skills, TBCT offers a reference guide of effective communication practices.