Communication Training


An Intensive and Focused
Learning Experience

TONY BECK COMMUNICATION TRAINING offers a number of workshops to provide solutions for the specific communication challenges facing the healthcare industry. Each workshop combines scientific expertise with practical communication exercises to deliver a creative, cost effective, and efficient learning environment that accelerates the development of good communication skills and interpersonal growth.

Select one of the communication courses below to learn more about the course objectives and benefits.

Team Building
Enhancing Performance through Communication

The objective of this workshop is to teach participants how to effectively communicate within a group. This communication course will focus on enhancing a groups’ ability to function as a single unit through awareness of individual communication styles, team strengths and opportunities for improvement.
Participants will benefit from this communication course by learning how to:

  • Create a climate of trust and accountability
  • Match individual communication styles to deliver results
  • Develop constructive questions to elicit effective feedback
  • Improve negotiation through active listening
  • Avoid conflict and misunderstandings through effective communication